Welcome to the

Economic Development Association for Black Communities

A first-of-its-kind organization dedicated to revitalizing the economic outlook of our Black community!

A renewed approach to economic development for Black communities.

The Economic Development Association for Black Communities connects, convenes, and catalyzes people, resources, and opportunities to ensure Black communities are positioned to prosper, grow, and thrive. We provide the Black community with comprehensive economic development programming, data, and strategies. We also serve as a critical intermediary to amplify opportunities, access, and results.


Unleash the Power of Unity

The Economic Development Association for Black Communities is a 501(c)(6) membership organization. We rely on our members to fuel our initiatives to support Black talent, Black entrepreneurs, and Black political leaders in Colorado.

Time to Thrive

We want to see a thriving Black community pursuing opportunity and economic mobility without barriers and in equal proportion.

We require a renewed approach to Black economic development.

Looking for Help?

We are an organization that looks at the outcomes and indicators happening in the Black community first, and we seek to help other economic development and community entities strive for the same levels of insight. We are able to offer consulting services in:

  • Entrepreneurship ecosystem building

  • Underrepresented leadership development

  • Program Development

Please reach out to us if you have any inquiries about how to access our services.


Your Support Creates Change

Join us in making a real difference! At the Economic Development Association for Black Communities, we are dedicated to prioritizing equal access to opportunity and economic mobility. Every day, we strive to (re)build neighborhood economies. But we can't do it alone.